90s Alternative

90s Alternative. Wait, what’s that playing?

90s Alternative. Wait, what’s that playing?

Go ahead and try to guess, earn coins and open even more awesome quizzes to play.

The best 90s alternative on offer.

How to play

  • Connect. Have you heard this song before? Find its performer in the list and don’t be shy to click it.
  • Swipe to the next. If you don’t know the answer – no worries, you can always go back and forth between the questions.
  • Earn coins. Each correct answer gives you 10 coins.
  • Spend coins. Open more awesome trivia and quizzes with the coins.
  • Compete Compare your results to other players via diagram.
  • Share Send your results to your friends and let them try to beat you. 😉

And don’t forget to play Daily